Hello and welcome here in our page about Domestic Helper Jobs Overseas. We are an independent webpage whose vision is to serve jobs related to domestic services. While some would call the people behind this specific job a domestic helper, we’d like to make it clear that there are now so many branches that have mushroomed from a simple household helper into other related service. These other services have produced new and other smaller and some bigger types of work for a domestic helper abroad.

Today, one of the most popular destination for a domestic helper is Hong Kong and although from the early days, the people behind this type of service is called maids, they now have learned many other things that they can do inside the house like take care of the kids, take care of cooking food, caring for elders as well as other related services.

Behind all these, we’d like to therefore provide guides, leads, news and actual jobs as well as other resources for the benefit of understanding more about what domestic helpers can do to both professionalize their work as well as earn more from just being in one side of the job which is taking care of the household chores.

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