Foodcart Franchise, a good business investment for OFWs working abroad

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I’m pretty sure that if you are an OFW, chances are, you’d be looking for a small business with which to invest for your loved ones in the Philippines. Pinoys do love to take care of family even when they are away working abroad. A DH for example could invest in a small business venture called as foodcart franchise in the Philippines while away but have someone he or she can trust to take care of everything needed. This way, you may be able to avoid costly handling and mishandling of your investment.

(If you ask me how much it costs for a franchise?) Imagine that it could only take you as low as Php 26,888.00 for any kind of food cart franchise in the Philippines today knowing that there are many investments available for you to take a chance with. The only difference however is that with this kind of investment venture, you won’t need to spend so much time hiring manpower and training them as well as the time to spend with deliveries and products to sell. Almost everything else is already prepared and all for you to avail of if you want to apply for it.

A good example is a kiosk or mallĀ siomai foodcart franchise while others include, dumplings, juice, pizza, rice toppings, siopao, waffle, ice scramble, burger, stir fried noodles, sisig, street food, shawarma or a combination of any or all which is available for the 2 in 1, 3 in 1 and the all in one packages for a foodcart business. To apply, you can either visit the link I have posted above in blue underline or contact Sam Casuncad here – or a text message to Sun Cell: 0932-872-5532